Discover the essence of REINA by Ria, a dynamic London-based jewelry brand dedicated to empowering and celebrating women. With a focus on trendy and fashionable pieces, our collection showcases jewelry made from premium 925 silver, beautifully plated in 14K gold. Each creation is meticulously crafted to boost confidence for everyday chic and special moments.

About the founders

Meet the powerhouse behind REINA by Ria, Deena Vaswani, known as the company's 'Reina.' Her creative genius and passion for jewelry have given birth to stunning, innovative designs. Ria Vaswani, Deena's daughter, was born and raised in London with a dream to share exquisite jewelry with the world. Starting her journey at just 17, Ria began selling these pieces through her home business and third-party platforms, quickly gaining attention through word of mouth. With a fiery dedication to crafting unique, trend-setting jewelry, she's set out to adorn fashionistas worldwide with her beautiful statement pieces.


Caring for your Jewellery 

To help protect the durability of your jewellery, remove your jewellery when in contact with water, including the sea or a chlorinated swimming pool. Avoid spraying perfume or using any cleaning products such as bleach, when wearing your jewellery. Silver pieces of jewellery may eventually tarnish overtime especially when exposed to certain substances in our everyday lives.